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Eddy's GS Challenge

Could either of the people who had GPS running on the 2nd tell me if this is anything close to the route we took? I pieced together this map from memory and the short time I had my GPS on. I did learn how to get my previously traveled routes into Google maps.

Oh, and if I manage to get up at a decent time, I might make it to Poe's.
that section looks correct...preserved so you can run the Wee right back in there i suppose. you might want to mention the gate at the bottom and "private road" sign. would have been real interesting if we had to turn around and ride back up just to get out. actually, the variety of bikes did pretty well on that road considering they weren't designed for it.

my GPS should have the track from the entire day. never tried to download to Google Maps, how do you go about it?
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