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Originally Posted by skychs View Post
You guys are killing me about that ride on the 2nd. It was challenging and somewhat scary not being able to find a paved road but in hindsight it gave me a good idea what the 12GS could do. In addition it gave me an idea what I can do. Will I go back? Probably not...... but I had a good time and enjoyed the company.

On a less exciting note ..... I just got back from the Honda Wing Ding (Goldwing) rally in Knoxville. All I can say is .... I'd rather ride with the AdvRider group. I'm 54 and I felt young and skinny down there. Its just not my cup of tea. I would rather go to a motorcycle only campground and sit around the campfire drinking a beer. I did get to do the Snake on 421 again but I sure missed my GS.
And you looked at me funny when I told you they would all be old and took it that I was calling you old. On the July 2nd ride, I wouldn't take my wee back on that road (at least the last part), but I would take a 250cc DS. Mostly I was just trying to figure out where we went as my father was curious.The best comment from him about the whole thing "You couldn't find a crappy road closer to home?"

Kind of made me think for a sec.
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