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Originally Posted by howardbell View Post
Thanks Ryan! But plans change quickly in my world... So I just wanted to ask you guys about two more roads -

1) FS 246 (Burdorf hotsprings to Riggins) - and is that do-able on V-strom?

2) Country Rd 250 (Riverbend, MT to Orofino)

This is the route in full ----> <----- PLEASE, PLEASE, jump in here and hollar at me if I am missing something, or you have some first-hand knowledge of the area/ roads we'll be on that you think would be useful, this is all new area for me, have never traveled into some of these remote area's of Idaho, but I am really looking forward to this next weekend!

Thanks again fella's!
246 was still snowed in as of last weekend, but I'd expect to be open very soon. Very do-able on a V-Strom. French Creek Rd is a hoot, it's like the Swiss Alps of the dirt world.

Burgdorf has nice hotsprings, and a campground not too far from them. They're private, and are only open certain hours and certain days. They used to have cabins for rent... don't know if they still do or not. Stayed in the FS campground down the road a couple years ago ~ tremendous amount of mosquitos... so take your Deet.

Don't know the other one... never been on it.
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