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Originally Posted by The Jerk View Post
It is normal to a certain extent but there are a couple things you can do to make it better:

First, adjust out all the throttle freeplay you can get away with. When finished your adjustment, you will need to start the engine and turn the bars from lock to lock. If your engine revs when the bars hit one side or the other, put some freeplay back. So basically what I'm saying is take out as much freeplay as you can but not so much that the steering affects your rpm.

Second, make sure your bike has the latest tune. When I got my bike I thought it had twitchy throttle and I found it was running the first tune (20479 I think). That tune was obsolete by that time and I used TuneECU to load the latest tune (20495 I think) to the bike which helped a LOT. Double-check the tune numbers on your own as they are different for 800 vs. 800XC as well as ABS vs. non-ABS.

If you still have twitchy throttle, get yourself a copy of TuneECU, a cable, and read read read about mapping. You can use TuneECU to disable the oxygen sensor which may help somewhat and you can also use it to edit the fuel maps which is potentially dangerous unless you know what you're doing.

Or you can wait for the development of BoosterPlug for the T800 (if it ever happens). I had one on my Tiger 1050 and it made a HUGE difference in the driveability of the bike.
Tunes are the same for 800 & XC, in the majority of cases.

Current tunes (as of July 11 anyway) are:

Standard exhaust - 20477
Arrow exhaust - 20478

800 ABS
Standard exhaust - 20495
Arrow exhaust - 20493

Standard exhaust - 20477
Arrow exhaust - 20478

Standard exhaust - 20496
Arrow exhaust - 20494

Taken from TuneECU listing
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