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Originally Posted by teeter View Post
Help - I need battery advise and I figure this group knows more about this subject than an R/V group would.

I have a 12V deep cycle battery that is about 4 years old and I have no idea how well maintained it was up until I acquired it (along with a popup camper) a few months ago. When I first got the camper I tested the battery and it read roughly 100% (about 12.6V.) and it powered our basic needs the first weekend we went out (without hookups) and a few other weekends (with hookups.) Now those weeekends we didn't use it other than for powering the little fridge in transit -- and at that point it should have been getting power from the TV (tow vehicle.)

I was of the impression that the battery would be charged when the camper was plugged into to an A/C outlet (which I did every night before a weekend of camping) and when it was connected to the TV.

Anyway, we ran out of juice after very little use on our 4th or 5th weekend camping (2nd weekend without hookups.) I tested the battery when we returned home and it was at 8.some odd volts which is technically way below 0% charge. I charged it using my 12V changer set to 2 AMPs overnight and it hit about 9V. I switched the charger to 6A the next night and it was up to 10.73 the next day (and at that point the plates were just becoming exposed because some of the electrolyte had boiled off.... I know I need to add some distilled water.)

Hopefully, you got bored and skipped all that. The real questions are 1. Do you think the battery is toast? And 2. Where can I get it properly tested?

Wife and I have a 30' RV, from experience I would say the battey is dead, BTW, I keep my rig on a Battery Tender when not plugged into to the truck or shore power, keeps it fresh and ready to go at all times, I do check the acid level monthly as well.
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