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Originally Posted by howardbell View Post

1) FS 246 (Burdorf hotsprings to Riggins) - and is that do-able on V-strom?

2) Country Rd 250 (Riverbend, MT to Orofino)

This is the route in full ----> <----- PLEASE, PLEASE, jump in here and hollar at me if I am missing something, or you have some first-hand knowledge of the area/ roads we'll be on that you think would be useful, this is all new area for me, have never traveled into some of these remote area's of Idaho, but I am really looking forward to this next weekend!

Thanks again fella's!
County Road 250 is an awesome spot. One of my favorites. I grew up in the area and we spent many days on the North Fork of the Clearwater. One other option if you have time and gas is to continue on 247 where it meets 250. Its good gravel and then turns to pavement, but a great place to ride along the river. Once you cross the bridge at Aquarius you follow Beaver Creek almost all of the way to the old town of Headquarters. Its all paved from the bridge to Headquarters and a really pretty area. Good luck and enjoy your ride. I need to do that ride sometime.
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