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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
Took the tiger out for a spin on some gravel roads. It seems to do fine, considering its weight. It showed to be relatively well composed. And it sounds great at it. But definitely not the most appropriate tool for the job. To the Tiger's defense: no knobby tires, and tires were fully inflated. On the other hand, on ball bearing gravel roads there isn't much that will hold traction anyway.

On corrugations such as in minutes 0:39 and 2:05 and 2:35 and 3:06 you can hear how it makes a lot of noise, coming from the front and the back of the bike. Not much traction on acceleration either (most bikes won't have any traction at all either). I need to check the adjustments for the rear shock.

I was not pushing it, and I don't think I will take it on too many dirt adventures. I know now it can do it, so there it is. But it feels great on pavement and that's where it will spend most of its life.
Airing down and/or different tires makes a HUGE difference!!! Ball bearing gravel roads or not...
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