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Originally Posted by ryanwilliamcantrell View Post
If your goal is to be able to do this trail-side (as in, you got a flat, on the trail, and you need to repair it), then what you need is: 3 Motion Pro tire irons, a tube, a large crescent wrench, a 12 & 13 mm box end and a pump. That's what I carry for my rear tire tube changes.

If you're just looking to watch someone do it, I can just ride my XR over and show you what I carry and how I do it with the tools I carry on the bike.

Soapy water or baby power makes things go much easier. Most of us carry baby power on the trail for the changes because it helps get the tire on and off, helps set the bead and helps the tube stay cooler in the tire (due to less friction).

I don't change out my tubes, because I change tires like I change underwear. However, if it's been a long time since the tube has been changed, then you can get a new one, and keep the old one as a spare if you like.

ok i will get a new tube today and try to track down the tire irons i have everything else.i would love to see how you do it with your xr like how you carry it all and what you need to do this in the field. i do allot of owyhee riding and would hate to get stuck out there.i am free all day today tuesday i am free after 2 wed after 7 thuers after 5 fri after 2 i live off of lake lowell in between midland and 12th my number is 9four1two4nine8
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