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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
I think what you are asking is how to find your Track on the GPSMAP60CSx.

1. Press MENU twice to open the Main Menu.
2. Select the Tracks icon, and press ENTER to open the Tracks Page.
Nope. That was already suggested, anyway, on page 3.

Originally Posted by BK.RD.RNR View Post
I tried that. tracks page says 99percent, 20 unused, no tracks listed in the window.
The simplest way I've found to transfer BitsOfInformation, e.g. waypoints, tracks or routes (I'm not supposed to call them "files," right?) while in BaseCamp is to click-drag the item from the list on the left to the device I want it to go to. BaseCamp uses the iTunes/iPhoto user interface model which can be a little bewildering if you've never used one of those programs before, and Garmin's instructions are pretty minimal. In the spirit of this thread's original post, here's how I transfer items from BaseCamp to my 60CSx:
1. Connect the gps unit to the computer with a USB cable. You'll have to make sure it is a powered connection--typically keyboard USB ports won't work--since Garmin expects the device to be powered when connected via USB.

2. Launch BaseCamp. You should see along the left side a section in blue & gray tints that has 3 main divisions: at the top is a heading labeled My Garmin Devices, with your gps unit listed; below that is a heading labeled On My Mac with a listing of folders used to organize tracks, waypoints and routes; and below that is an unlabeled heading with columns labeled Type and Name. These columns show the tracks, waypoints and routes that are stored in the selected Garmin device or On My Mac folder. (Note, I assume BaseCamp for Windows doesn't say "Mac" but uses some other nomenclature... Hopefully you can still follow along regardless of which OS you're using.)

There is a lot of power packed in this area, and minimal instructions. I don't want to get bogged down in exporing this organizational structure so I'll just keep on toward getting the track transferred. The best way to learn is just start poking around...

3. Click on the My Collection folder under On My Mac and you will now have a list shown of every track, waypoint and route stored on the computer. Scroll through the list until you've located the track on your computer that you want to transfer to the gps.

4. Click-and-drag that track up the screen and drop it onto the Garmin device. As your mouse drags the track icon over the device name you'll see a green "+" appear under the pointer. The "+" indicates you are about to add something to the device (I'm guessing here...) Release the mouse button and the track will begin to be copied onto the gps device. You'll see rotating arrows next to the device name, indicating mysterious bits are in action, and once the arrows stop revolving the track has been transferred (copied, actually).

5. To check, select your Garmin device by clicking on it and you will now see a list of every track, waypoint and route that is stored on the device. Note, the list will only show what's on your device when you've selected the device, and it will only show what's on your computer when you've selected My Collection.

You can now disconnect the gps device and look in Tracks to find the transferred track. This method works as well with waypoints and routes. Use the shift and/or command keys to make multiple selections of items and transfer (copy) multiple items.

This method also works to copy items from your gps device to your computer as well.

Good luck!
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