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Originally Posted by sparrow View Post
$3900 FOR AN '08 WITH 15,000 MILES. Good deal? Is it about time for stuff to start breaking? I'm guessing that this bike has very little dirt miles but can't be certain. The bike is in pretty good shape overall. There's some built up oil and gunk around the breather hose by the left foot peg but other than that it all looks in order.

Can these bikes be ridden in the dirt/mud with that low front fender? I have read where rocks get lodged in there and break the fender.
How much should it cost to do the high fender mod?
Will I have to replace all the hydro lines if I put on a set of bar risers that are about 2 inches higher and an inch out towards the front? At 5'10 200.lbs I find the stock bar position unbearbly low and way too close.

I know all these Questions are somewhere in the index thread but finiding them is a pain in the ass.

Hey, Sparrow, I will answer only about some of the issues I know, just to let you know we take good care of KTM 640 ADV's owners here. About the rest of your questions, other inmates will appear anytime, that's for sure.

-- Price: don't know, I'm in Patagonia (and would be a great deal if it was here!)
-- Dirt riding, how much? I think you can see detalis like the skid plate. it's alu and mine got quickly marked by the stones which are constantly sent up-backwards by the front wheel. Also you can check the side front borders of the fuel tank and the deflectors of the whater radiator for the same marks, but I really wouldn't pay much attention to its off road use 'cause these bikes were born for the dirt. I think is pretty more critical the good care she might received or not.
-- Time to break: mine is 45.000Kms (28K miles), and it's all running smoothly until now (except for one or two minor issues). And as far as I have been reading here, 15.000 miles are no problem for a well maintained bike, generally speaking.
-- Oil around the breather hose: sorry, don't know.
-- I have a crazy short-low/high fender combination, and most of those 45.000kms are off road: no problem with rocks. Dakar bikes actually still use the low fender so we can assume it's not an issue. On the other hand, I have read that the real problem is the excesive mud, but I can't say a word about this 'cause Patagonia is pretty dry.
-- Bar risers: I have read here there's no need to change the cables and hydro lines, but you have to re arrange the way they go down instead.

Well, I hope the cavalry will get here soon, before we run out of ammunition...
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