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Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post

They are made by the same factory, using the same shell. I am really, really not sure, just seat of the pants, not certain, please don't quote me because I may be wrong, etc. but I think the Fly version has a different, more round shape to the EPS liner. Important to be really careful with statements like this because so frequently one person describes a helmet shape as oval, while another may say the same helmet is round.


Hope that helps.

I also own the AFX 39 and for the price I like it. I ordered it online and I was told that sizes run a bit large so I decided to stay with a medium helmet. I can't compare it to the Fly since I have never tried one on. However, compared to my street helmet (Shoei RF1000), I found the AFX to be more round. I found that I got a hot spot on my forehead, so it took some tweaking to get it comfortable. I eventually shaved down the foam in the front to make it work for me. I had no issues wearing sunglasses with the helmet.

It is quick and easy to remove the shield if you want to wear goggles. My only complaint is that I found a bit of distortion with the shield. It is much more curved than the shield on my other helmets and it felt like my vision was slightly distorted when the shield was down. Has anyone else had this issue?
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