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Originally Posted by withiam View Post
Does $800 sound right for a KTM-Care extended warranty ?

Sounds about right if you are referring to the 3 full years additional.
I think you can still just get one or two years if you want.
And I'm pretty sure that some dealers charge more for it than others.
Or it may vary with the price range of the bike.
It sure seems to help at resale time if you have even 6 months or a year left on it.
Of course if you are a trader inner, that wouldn't matter to you.
I had to use the extended part of my warranty on my 690.
Most of my warranty problems on all the others happened in the first year anyway.
But if you blow the engine in the fourth year, you'll be glad you have it.
KTM is REALLY good about taking care of warranty problems in my experience.
My first KTM developed a frame leak, so they replaced the frame, and they did it within 2 weeks.

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