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Heading up toward the Kenai Peninsula...
what are all these cars doing stopped.. in the middle of the road?? And all these people walking around?

Haha.... everyone was stopped and gawking at a little black bear up on the hill. I was expecting something better than this.

"I wonder if these people will get mad if I shoot it.. it's bear season!" Guy says as he looks at the bear.

After enjoying the show of people trying to get run over watching the bear, we headed further up the pass.

We were heading to see a friend down on the Kenai, but I couldn't get a hold of him. We turned around here. It was about 10pm. We were tired.

Headed back up to the pass for camping. Can't remember the name of the place. In between two creeks. Got there about 11PM.. Hannah cooked up some food while I set up camp.


We had a hungry buddy
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