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Originally Posted by Calkins View Post
I have some crap going on with mine today. Went for a ride and 5k stumble came back, and won't let the bike rev past. I was at WOT on the highway for a bit, and it was slowly losing power, and about 4k was the max I could get, in 4th on up. Came home and found that it's rich as heck, black plug, and inside muffler. Tore out the end of the pipe/spark arrestor. No change. My buddy got on and slowly turned the petcock closed at WOT and got it to run much better, when it's lean. It was turned to about 8:00. At that point I had tons of power and it would freely rev to 8-9k under load.

SO? What's up?

As we rode, I was thinking about what I have done. Then it hit me! When I douched out my carb, I had a jet that was oacked full of crap, and I had to use a finger drill on it. That was the Pilot Jet. What RPM range does that cover?
Pilot is 0 to 1/4ish throttle.
I'd just pull it apart again and see if there is anything obviously wrong.
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