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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Whacking the tire/wheel doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, for me at least. I'm sure the screwdriver system would work (although I'm not sure I want to put that kind of stress on one link), for me it's just a lot simpler to sit behind the bike, squeeze the chain with my left hand (thumb pulling upper chain down, fingers pulling lower chain up, trying to get the chain runs to touch the swingarm) and tighten the axle nut with my right hand. I KNOW the wheel is snug against the axle blocks that way.

Funny story, well, maybe funny...

When we were racing (son rode, I wrenched) I was spending lots of time on tires/wheels/chains between races. It was a busy, hectic time and at some point I began to realize I was having...chest pain. Tried to ignore it for awhile, but it was getting worse so I called and was scheduled for an EKG, pretty promptly. Perfectly normal. Hmmm. A big race season was nearing the end, and I was putting on a new rear tire. I sat down to adjust the chain after replacing the wheel and suddenly figured out the source of my chest pain: I'd gotten into the habit of pushing the wheel against the axle blocks chest. Stopped doing THAT method, chest pain went away.

Maybe that's why my shoulder has been hurting. Where's when I need it?
Just to be clear I don't whack tires, just push and put pressure on them.
WR250R - perhaps the ideal motorcycle for myself
Throw in a passenger and I'm unsure of what I'd consider ideal. Maybe a Multi?
I am now for sure sold on the Dual Sport style bike.
Keeping the Vulcan for now. The ladies seem to love it.
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