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Johannasburg to Dundee

Slept in a bit today as it was overcast but still up just beofre 8:30 so still early for me, went in had the eggs on toast and a bit of the other stuff on offer.

Said my goodbyes to Arthur and Una they have been realy nice hosts highly recomend if your ever going to Johannasburg to lob there and get your start, its close to the airport very secure and great hosts.

So off I went the start of my road adventure really, I had a good ride from Johannasburg down the coast to Dundee around 350 k's towards Durban, mostly stuck to the main roads but got on to a few minor roads so all good, the Beemer is so nice to ride im glad I bought it, the heated grips are unreal to have on days like this as it got down to 7 degrees Celcius, fortunately had a fair bit of warm stuff to put on and still didnt get my thermal pants on, so not all that bad.

The countryside was very brown, dry long rolling hills with bugger all around, the roads are pretty good as a rule. One thing I have noticed is there is a surprising lack of roadkill, whether it gets eaten or there just isnt any wild life to be killed by cars, its actually quite strange after living in Australia and seeing it all the time, I actually only saw one squished animal in 300 odd k's and coming form Oz that would never happen. I might ask about that cause it certainly is strange not to see it in a country that is supposed to be full of wildlife, my first impression of that is when you look at some of the houses and places where people live if there was any road kill it would be picked up and eaten pretty quick, that might not be the case maybe there just isnt any left.

At one point I stopped to put on my balaclava and another jumper, while I was stopped this little kid came over to the fence to say hello. I took his picture then walked back over to the bike and got out the pen I had and gave it to him, he immediatly ran off screaming out all excited with the pen above his head, I was surprised by his reaction, was a good tip to give the kids pens so will be buying more when I get to the next city.

Arrived in Dundee around 4 pm, wasnt to fussed about where I was going to stay so as soon as I got into town just rode till I found a nice enough hotel. It was a little expensive at 500 rand or 70 bucks ozzie but still really nice place and that includes breakfeast and the way ive been hooking in at breakfeast time since I got here thats worth 10 bucks.

Helen from the front desk ordered me some dinner from down town which was delivered so that was cool, tried to use their internet but its not as good as what we are used to back home, was lucky enough to get on to check my mails but couldnt do much else.

Tomorrow i'll head over to Rorkes Drift where the Zulu British war took place. There is another site not far from there where 20000 Zulus actually over ran the British but as a kid watching the Zulu British wars on the tv and movies it was always Rorkes drift where the 100 British held off about 4000 Zulus, 11 Victoria Crosses were handed out still to this day the most ever in a battle so pretty important spot in our commonwealth history, some say it had a lot to do with the loss of the men the week before to try and paint it as a great victory rather than a miserable defeat in that region.

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