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Rorkes Drift

What a great ride today, I left Dundee around 9:30am and headed for Rorkes Drift which was only 40 odd k's away, 30 of it on dirt which was pretty good riding. Arrived there and did the museum which isnt that big.The thing that grabs you when your riding out there is what were they fighting about, theres shitloads of room for everyone, even today the population out that way is sparse to say the least. Had an interesting time there to see where that battle took place and the hill behind the fort its hard to imagine why and how the Zulus didnt just over run them when it was 4000 to 100.

Did think about going over to the other battlefield where the 20 000 Zulus over ran the British and killed them all but you seen one battle field you seen them all so gave it a miss.

Before I drove in I had stopped to talk to an African woman to ask directions and as my bluetooth part of my helmet was playing my music out loud i flicked it open off my helmet to stop it quickly and you guessed it forgot to push it back in properly so when I went to leave Rorkes Drift the bluetooth part of my helmet was missing. I thought at first it had been nicked as I left my helmet locked to my bike but I was the only person there so I thought maybe I dropped it so got all geared up to leave and rode slowly back down the road I came in on and there it was right near the gate sitting in the dirt, how lucky, its worth a few hundred bucks so was nice to have it back although I had already plugged the cable in so may still use that, its pissing me off every time I start the Gps its a real pain to get the bluetooth working.

From Rorkes Drift I got back on the dirt road and instead of taking the road back to the highway I headed South East and boy im glad I did, dirt road amazing scenary and the little townships I came across were amazing, totally off the tourist map obviously. The kids and everyone was waving at me and shoutiung out I probably did a third of the trip one handed the amount of people I waved at.

Stopped quite a few times and everytime someone would come up and say hello. The ride wound up and down the mountain range a few times, it really was a fantastic ride.

At one hillside I came across a group of guys playing soccer on a dirt pitch so had to stop for a watch. If you ever complain about having to run uphill again you will need to come and play on this pitch was to funny not hard to see why alot of the play was at one end.

While I was watching a group of girls came up they had obviously just finished school and had a chat for awhile then thought I better get moving so hit the road.

Kept driving along the dirt road for another 30k's all the while just checking out the amazing scenary stopping more than a few occassions.

Was driving down one part of the road and came across my person carrying a AK 47 he wasnt pointing it at me but smiling waving as I rode past and looked like really friendly person even if he did have a weapon on his shoulder. I wished I had stopped now and got a photo but im sure i'll have ample chances to take a picture with someone with a AK 47 in my travels.

Came across this township and there was a market going on as you can imagine they probably dont get to many guys from Australia riding through on a Bmw so got heads turning, felt a little rude not waving at everyone as I cant ride no handed. Stopped at the end of town before I crossed the river where it was a little quieter but still had a few people around.

All up I drove around 80 or 90k's through the hills on the dirt roads and im so glad I did, what a fantastic day of riding plenty of smiling faces and lots of fun and now in Greytown in a nice B&B so all good.

Just went into town to get something for dinner, dont know what they do in this town but there is a hell of alot of razor wire and security around the houses. Dundee was surprising in alot of the houses had no razor wire or security, the first township ive been in like that so it was a nice change.
The guy that owns this B&b just lent me his vodaphone internet dongle but forgot to give me the password so this blog is going to be a bit late.

There so much room out here it makes you wonder why they had to fight theres no one living here today let alone well over a 100 years ago, why cant we all just get along.

Oh now I know why they were fighting to have control of the prestine thoroughbreds of the area

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