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Was hanging around after breafeast and Alexa turned up with Channing her son so had a chat to her about how she went at the markets selling her olives yesterday evening, it's a small business she runs which she seems to do ok out of, she said she didnt do as good as she liked but picked up another two resturants to supply so thats always a positive. We chatted for awhile and she said if I wasnt doing anything later to drop over for a coffee to her place.

Went for a ride around town again, just checking everything out riding as many roads as I could and see as much as I can in the limited time I have in Durban.

Headed over to Alexa's and had a bit of trouble finding which complex was hers, she said it was the one with the security guard on the gate, well they all have security guards on the gate. Went back down to La Lucia to grab a pack of ciggies.

Had a cigarette and then thought stuff it, ill just go ask at one of them and see if they know her so rode back up the road and asked at the first gate, sure enough they did and they let me in and told me up the top. So I wound my way up the hill to Alexa and Channing house pretty nice view from up there I must say and the pad itself is really nice.

When I arrived Channing and his mate Daniel were cooking pizza, I suggested we do the masterchef judging. They actually watch the Australian version of masterchef over here but its from a few seasons ago. We did the judging of the pizzas having a bit of a laugh everyone scored them and we worked it out to be a tie so everyone walked away happy and of course I got to taste them all ha ha

Me Channing and Daniel started having a game of french cricket in the little back yard they have and as its right up the top of the hill a ball over the fence would require a 10 minute hike to get it I suggested lets go down to the park and have a real game of cricket Aussies versus South Africa. As you can imagine the kids were up for it. Rode the boys down the hill on the bike giving them both a ride up and down twice which they enjoyed.

Alexa said she would drop her maid home and would come down in a little while but as standard we played about 30 ininnings beofre she actually turned up, to funny. I know how that deal works single mums looking after boys in the holidays, as soon as someone says they will take them to play in the park they are sitting on their ass or off to meet up with a girlfriend for a coffee and gas bag lol

When she turned up later she said she had fallen asleep but that was cool me and the boys had alot of fun. I let them lead right up till the last innings and then won by 1 run just to let them know us Aussies are still the best at cricket, even if we are shit these days. Alexa turned up just in time to see me hitting the winning runs so I said thats it lets go, where's my winners hug.

We all piled into the X5 and drove back up the hill, Daniel's mum Caroline was there so we all relaxed on the balcony overlooking La Lucia. Shes actually into real estate and property management so was interesting to see what the cost of real estate is over here and the returns you can get on it, in comparison to the Australian market its quite cheap here in South Africa..

Daniel and Caroline left just after 6, Alexa wanted to sit down and watch this soap you know the deal one of them Home and Away, Neighbours deals soaps that the girls all watch, its the same everywhere in the world with soaps obviously.

Most of the female cast look like they have been to Thailand for the plastic surgery holidays which was ok by me. Farrow is a baddy but shes a hottie too and I dont reckon she died in the plane crash, see it doesn't take you long to get sucked in.

After the soap we decided to go to dinner in one of Alexa's favourite restaraunts down town so we piled in the car and headed off to dinner. Was a nice chinese restaraunt that had a sushi train as well so we sat down and hooked in. We had a bit fo sushi and then me and Channing just took the easy route and ordered chicken fried rice as well you can go wrong with that and was quite filling.

Me and Alexa went out for a cigarette and there was this guy selling these really nice wire beaded sculptures. Alexa picked up this one chicken thing and said that would be great to put egss in so I bought it for her as a gift for her kindness and a little wart hog one for Channing they were pretty cool and in Australian money pretty cheap too.

She told me her parents owned a lodge up in Kruger National Park and I should head up there for a stay so might take that advice even though it is backwards from where I am but always heard about Krugar National Park in South Africa so could be a good experience.

We finished up with dinner and headed home to Alexas and chilled for awhile.

Channing went to bed and me and Alexa sat up for awhile but it was getting late so i thought I better get out of there and head home. So was a really nice afternoon and evening spent with very very nice people.
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