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Got up this morning for breafeast and Vern Alexa's dad and the owner of this place asked me if I wanted to come to the club to watch the Crusaders Reds Rugby Union final, at first I said i wasnt going but then thought why not get out and meet a few more people. Got to the club about 15 minutes away at Virginia airfield and met up with all their crew and sat back to watch the footy.

One of their friends must be a journalist as we got talking about why im doing the trip etc and he wanted to do a story on me and invited me to come back to an airshow next week and he would get me some VIP tickets for it. Could work out well if I go back up the coast to Kruger National Park and then come back next week.

I watched the footy and as much as I hate Queenslanders it was good to see the Reds win the final and by the sound of it they had the majority of support in the club they are all mad on rugby union over here.

I got up to go to leave and thought id go for another ride this time over to the south side of the city to have a look around and as I was walking out Alexa and Channing were walking in. Stopped for a chat for a few minutes then headed off, was tempted to go back in and catch up a bit more with Alexa but wanted to see a bit more of Durban as im thinking I might get out of here soon either way up or down the coast, I will decide in the morning, ill be moving on at some stage soon as much as I like it around here and feel very comfortable.

The south side of the city is the poorer side of town there is no doubt about that. I pulled off the highway and turned into one of the areas and stopped at a set of lights. A cop car pulled up beside me and wound down his window, I thought hello what have I done here, I said g'day and he said where are you heading? I just said im just staying in Durban and going for a ride to have a look around to which he repsonded be careful around here. So I kept going it didnt seem to bad and I wasnt to worried, They do say follow your gut instincts when it comes to being in suss places and I felt really ok. I havent come across anywhere that ive felt to bad in South Africa, maybe im just riff raff so it feels normal to me.

Got back to the guest house and hung around for awhile then just cruised down to get KFC for dinner, had the chips and gravy and didnt even hit my burger and chicken so the breakfeast are doing their jobs so far.

Just chilled out watched Tv tonight not much on but relaxing and blogging and facebooking, its good to be online again, im sure that will be an issue as I get further and further into Africa but for now its all good.

Will have to suss out my charger converter adaptor thing I plug into the South African electrical sockets for some reason it wont let me charge the computer which sort of sucks, I can only charge it off the bike at the moment so might look into that tomorrow.

Alexa and Channing mentioned the movies tomorrow, whether I go or not is another thing but it would be nice to see them again before I go anywhere.

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