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Durban to the Boabab Inn

Finished packing the bike up this morning then relaxed for a little while then headed off about 10:30am. The ride was pretty much just straight up the N2 its amazing how much the north coast of Durban looks like the north coast of New South Wales in Oz, Drove the 200 odd k's to St Lucia where I had all good intentions of staying tonight but as I got there at around 1:30 I thought I might head a bit further north and find somewhere to stay.

I was having a break there anyway and saw a sign saying danger crocodiles so thought have to walk down there only to be comfronted with 2 pods of hippos, cool although all they were doing is sitting on there fat asses sleeping, I could do that, wondered if I should throw something at them and stir em up a little, yeah maybe not, I had just chugged down a ciggie and wasnt in any mood to run either. Well there you go my first hippo's in Africa, my immediate thought was arent they supposed to get up and sing and dance like in the movies, oh well maybe the next pod will do that.
Started to head off out of town and thought where are my gloves, ok better stop and find them, oh ok there they are in my pannier leaving stuff behind or losing things is a constant issue with my memory, while I was stopped a couple on a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 pulled up and we had a chatted for awhile, they showed me a few places on the map and talked about the Sani Pass ride in Lesotho, dont know why but I thought it was up in Swaziland there you go I could of nicked over and had a look a that ride in the last week its only a few hundred k's from Durban I might do that on my way back its apparently one of the amazing motorbike rides of the world but its actually not the best time of the year to do it as it raises up to 3000 metres and gets very cold and snow but it will be worth a look to see if its possible at least.

Headed off and but by the time I actually got out of St Lucia it was closer to 3:30 now so running out of daylight so it did cross my mind to just find somewhere in St Lucia but nah I want to cut the k's down as much as I can for tomorrows ride through Swaziland and on up into the Kruger National Park, ive still got around 400 odd k's well probably closer to 300 now as Ive ridden up to the Boabab Inn 300 Rand a night about 40 bucks its a really nice motel seperate bungalows pretty good actually highly recommoned it if you ever head up this way. Walked in to be confronted with a few Zebra's so today seen my first hippo's and now Zebra's, cool.

Got talking to a guy staying in one of the villas at the Boabab Inn Dave, hes been here before and apparently there is 3 game reserves around here and all very good so he uses this place as a base to go to them all.
Im just chilling in my room stopped for a burger at some random servo earlier so that will get me through, there is a restaraunt and bar here but might just hang out get up early and get on the road again if I get to the lodge early enough might get to see some animals tomorrow up there.

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