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One word for today Kruger National Park and today is WOW what an amazing place, ive had certainly one of those days that go into the memory bank of life as much as every day is fantastic this one was pretty special spent with some pretty special people.
We got up early and I mean early, everyone who knows me knows im not a morning person but it wasnt hard to be excited about what lay ahead.

After going to bed so early I woke up at just beofre midnight standard stuff with my back and neck hurting like they do and had a little trouble going back to sleep with the excitement of what lay ahead which I was trying to control.

We had a quick coffee and a muffin and reminded me of Gribbos bucks when there was chocalate muffins flying around when we went deep sea diving, by the way which I didnt partake in any of those evil enriched muffins, poor old frenchy did that day he scoffed down heaps, needless to say he paid the price for many a long hour on the high seas.

I had discussed with Peter and Jenny who hadnt brought to many warm clothes with them as the temperature has been great like 23 degrees celcius during the day, Gavin had said rug up it is cold in the morning so I mentioned that they can use some of my bike gear to keep warm and boy was it lucky I had all the warm gear it was very needed by everyone. It was one thing I made sure I had plenty of when I left as being cold on a bike just makes it all that much harder.

We sorted out all the warm gear I made sure I had plenty for me which I know keeps me pretty protected and Jenny ended up in my Dririder motorcycle jacket with one of my thermals underneath, my gloves and balaclava, so she was sweet, Peter borrowed my jumper and the woollen liner to the jacket so he was pretty right too. I had my thermal a few t-shirts, long thermal underwear that I had bought which has paid dividends already, I also had the wet weather part of the Dririder jacket which is a really good and a wind resistant jacket. Luckily I had all the gear as it turned out to be a raining overcast day which apparently is very out of season for this time of year here and as we were in an open vehicle it was cool or damn cold depending on who you are.

We arrived at the gate and were pretty much right on time so were the first vehicle into the park. Off we went and straight away its animal after animal ill post pics as i go but there is the big 5 they say you have to see in Kruger and they are the Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and the Rhino so got to see all of them on the morning half day drive which was fantastic, thats not to mention all the other animals Giraffe, Impala, wilderbeast, eagles all manner of bird life hippos, crocodiles and im sure ive forgotten something.

We came home and as we had a 4:30 start we were al pretty tired so we had a quick lunch and had a rest for about an hour then it was off on the night drive We went with a another tour company that runs from inside the park as they are the only ones allowed to drive in the park at night so there was only our vehchile and one other driving around the park.

Myself Jenny and Peter joined with two other girls from South Africa I think they were from Pretoria They had done the day tour also but had missed the lions and rhinos so to complete their big 5 they needed to see them. I said to them ok lets just knock them out and head on home. No sooner had I said that a guy on his way back to the camp stopped and said up the road take the next left theres two lions on the side of the road, so off we went in search of them and sure enough there they were sitting as calm as you like right there by the side of the road amazing, in the morning we had seen a lioness and her cub now we were seeing two regal male lions so was fantastic. Stopped and took a bucket load of pictures of them and then as they made a move so did we.

We drove up the road a few k's and by this time it was getting dark and then all of a sudden there is three rhinos sitting on the side of the road perfect so the girls had completed their big 5 in the first hour of the night cruise and we had got to witness both the rhino and lions so close it was great. The rest of the 2 hour night cruise was pretty uneventful but the guide Dingan was pretty good and and was a most enjoyable evening but by the end I think we had all had enough after such a long and full day.

Gavin and Ariana were there to pick us up when we got back to the main part of the park so it was off home for dinner, bloody beautiful again eating really well here..

Simply amazing one of those magic days and spent with some amazing beautiful people all in all I was very fortunate to be where I was in the world today, thank you so much Gavin, Peter and Jenny for sharing such a special day full of fun laughter and amazing sites one that I will remember forever.

Im so sore and exhausted though ive really pushed myself, well my back and neck in the last few days, I was sore yesterday after the 5 odd hour ride today im absolutely rooted so ill enjoy sleeping tonight which im going to do right now bla bla bla zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Peter and Jenny from the UK

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