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Royal Kruger Lodge

Woke up this morning at 8:30am with all good intentions of sleeping in but oh well since I was up thought id venture out and have breakfeast, so after the standard cereal bacon and eggs sat around for awhile out in the lounge as Peter and Jenny organised there walk with Rick one of the other local guides around here. I did toss up on the idea of going for a local walk with them into the bush but my back and neck was so sore I thought I might just give it a miss and just chill. They left about 9:30am and basically as soon as they walked out the door I went back to bed to lie down and fell asleep till after 12:30pm. I certainly needed it felt 100% better after I got up. Checked my emails and there was one from Gary a South African who I had met in Thailand that had given me some great tips on South Africa telling me I had been drinking where he used to hang out at the Virginia Aero Club and he knew of Vern and all the guys there such a small world hey, I guess ive meeting with the right people where ever I am in the world.

After lunch I just relaxed some more and actually had a bath for the first time in forever, it was nice to soak in a hot tub.

Got one the computer to start organising some of these pictures I had so many of the animals. Peter and jenny came over and copied the pics onto Peters computer. I showed them the videos withwe made in Tasmania Logan doing his Bear grills impersonation, made me miss him a bit well alot actually but ive got used to that sort of deal so all good hes always in my heart.

Went over to the edge of the park for a drive with everyone, obviously the bush telegragh works well here there was a few lions chewing on a zebra they had caught right near the fence line well not that close but close enough to see them through binnoculars. It was actually surprising how many people were down there watching when your in the guest house its like your in your own little world but there was just so many people down on the river front watching the wild life, elephants giraffe and the lions and their kill pretty amazing afternoon in itself.

Got back to the lodge right on dark and then hung around for a few minutes I actually printed out Jenny and Peter a picture I had just taken with Gavin and Arianna down the river front as a gift for being able to share the last few days with them. Cheers guys cya when I cya.

Briefly met one of Gavins mates from Johannasburg who I had a quick chat to, he gave me his card, I may see him in the morning im not sure if Paul will be here but seems to know Namibia very well and he did say his Namibian number was on his card so it might be good to have a better chat with him when he's not so tired from his drive to here tonight.

Tomorrow i leave to head back to Durban, I will probably stay half way or thereabouts again, ill work that out as I go, it will be shame to leave but I have to push on ive been invited to the aero show and to the sharks v bulls game on Saturday so beter start making my way back down to Durban if im going to make it. Big big thank you to Gavin and Aarianna for your welcome and hospitality through the last few days its been great. As they say in the good book "live long and prosper" oh hang on that was star trek oh well its all good.

Royal Kruger Lodge as you can see im not slumming it but Vern did me a really nice deal on the price which helped.

The lounge room is really nicely decorated and gives you the feel you are in Africa ha ha funny that.

The beds were comfy but had ot be out of it at the crack of dawn, well actually before she even got up. The lodge even though it sits along the border of the of the Kruger on the Crocodile River the main gate is a 20 or 30 k's away and we had to be there by 5am so it was a very early start, as you can magine was excited to get into the Kruger and to see what was happening in there.

As soon as we entered the Kruger there were animals everywhere.

The animal shots ive uploaded arent in any particular order but this lioness was the first of the big 5 we saw throughout the day

Stacks of giraffes, while I had been at the Sunrock Guest house Arthur had told me a story about a Chinese lady that had come to Africa to hunt a giraffe with a bow and arrow, theres certainly some weird and wonderful people out there in the world, I wonder if she let it lick her face before she killed it.

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