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WRR/X rear shock adjusting

Here are the requested vids and pics of how to adjust the rear shock on the Yami WRR/X.

Disclaimer....I am just a guy who rides bikes. I am not an expert of any kind or a mechanic. I am not a professional anything related to motorcycles or riding. Take this all with that in mind..I am just a guy who rides bikes. Anything you do to your bike, you are responsible for. I am just showing how I do stuff on my bike.

First pics are the pages in the manual. They are a little confusing, since the blurbs before the adjustment instructions and the word in parentheses, next to settings are contradictory. At least the way I am looking at it.

Rebound damping force adjustment:


Compression damping force adjustment:


Rebound damping knob( bottom of shock):

Compression damping screw( top of gas cyclinder):

First vid..setting of rebound damping:

Second vid...getting to middle of rebound damping:

Third vid....compression damping setting:

(( disclaimer..I messed up what I was saying in this one at the start) Turning to max counterclockwise gives you the least compression damping..turning out out, or counterclockwise, gives you the max compression damping..12 clicks per manual))

Fourth vid..seeing results..or not seeing with WRR shock:

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