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The next morning, we met up with Justin, a friend of Ryan at the cafe. We then departed for Chicken, and the Top of The World Highway. It was raining, and it only came down harder as we continued on...

Justin's F800GS

Inside the Saloon at Chicken.. I can only imagine how bad this place gets the funk on a hot summer night

They had a stove going, we sat around it drying out socks and gloves.

Nearing the Candian customs, an RV had got stuck on the side of the road.

She apparently got out, as we saw her later in Dawson

The ferry to Dawson. The rain had let up here.. we were completely soaked, and glad to be here! My camera had fogged up from the inside

Dawson, Yukon. The clouds parted, the sun came out. It warmed to 70deg. What an amazing sight and feeling, to be warm again. Justin had a MX helmet with no faceshield.. I can only imagine how relieved he was!

My Giant Loop bag leaked, everything except my overboard backpack had been thoroughly drenched.

Not a good day for my camera gear. Every lens I had was soaked. My camera body was soaked. Wolfman tank bags are not waterproof I found out..

I put everything in the sun to dry out. Absolutely relieved, everything cleared of all moisture within a few hours. Our campsite looked like a yard sale with everything out drying.

Ryan, Justin, and I
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