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I got all the balls in, and they all bounced back out haha :)

hot dog eating contest

My bike is in between the cones on the right next to Justin's BMW

Midnight. Dawson City, Yukon

Dawson Dick is a pretty cool guy. he let me have an old take-off, as my Ching Chong tire had worn down to about 5%. He even helped me mount it. Thanks man

After leaving Dawson, I rode south toward Whitehorse. The weather started going south along with me, so I took a five minute break at a gas station for a microwave burrito. A bike with a huge mound of stuff on the back pulled in, a girl got off and started gassing up. I chatted with her for a minute, she was from Nova Scotia, was riding solo out here for the summer. Pretty cool. She told me about Summerstroke in Whitehorse, and a good camping spot.

Not too long after, in the middle of nowhere, Yukon. I came across

They were trying to figure out what the heck I was, sniffing around.
Mama bear was NOT happy

Then amnesia hit I guess
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