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A storm came through while we were waiting for the rest of the group. Kent and I stood on the south side of those huge trees to avoid getting rained on.

The rest of the group got hit with that while riding and really got cold. (Always bring raingear!) They had been slowed down a bit trying to figure out the gps route I created (it lacked . . . precision) but made it by Lucin eventually. Driving by Lucin is no more than a small grove of trees, so they ended up driving by us without seeing us. We eventually all found each other and pressed on.

As we made our way down the west side of the Salt Lake Basin we were on a good dirt road. The storm had tamped down the dust but it wasn't overly muddy.

Then I suddenly saw Justin wobbling on his KLR in front of me. I hit the wet clay and was barely able to stay upright with my new Dunlop 606s. I immediately thought there was no way Todd would make it through there with his street-oriented tires. I looked back and saw two bikes down. When I came to a stop Mark missed me on his XR650R by inches. He was out of control in the mud and it was just luck that we didn't go down too. I don't what was up with that clay, but it was liking hitting a road covered an inch deep in soft butter.

Here is a picture with the bikes picked back up:

That clay caked up all of our tires:

Here's Rock's WR250 that he has set up extremely well. I think he's planning on doing the Tour of Idaho later this summer on it.

Todd lost control and ended up bailing off his KLR. His bike met Kent's KLR and they re-enacted plate tectonics. Kent went down hard. As I was making my way back I was worried because I could see him lying on the ground looking like he was hurt and Todd sitting down by him looking like he was hurt.

Todd's KLR broke part of a footpeg, his clutch lever (he happened to have an extra one), bent his shifter or brake, and bent the entire rear end of his bike.

(helpful hint: if you buy a motorcycle from Todd (Motorsports Unleashed) stay away from green KLRs, even if he promises you his grandma only used it to drive to church on Sundays.)

After a while Kent got up. It always make you feel a little better when they can get up.

He had lots of things broken on his bike. His side hurt pretty bad.

He soldiered on. After the trip his wife/my sister made him go to the doctor.
It turned out he broke one rib and cracked another.
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