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Photos from Guatemala, Part 2

Ian, who stuck by me during the Rudolf saga, now heading south, thanks Ian.

Street vendors outside of Antigua

Raul Toledo, a great help at Yamaha in trying to get Rudolf working again, Thanks Raul

Julio, always with his iphone and usually making me something fantastic to eat, a great help and great company.

Luis Hernandez, from Yamaha Canella in Guatemala City, a great and patient help in fixing Rudolf...on going.

A slightly ropey area in Guate City, here they shovel out the rubbish from the back of the chicken bus

Forced out of Antigua during the Holy Week festivities wasn't so bad, took us to this nice puebla nearby.

It was peaceful and free of gringos, and a change from the routine of waiting around in Antigua for parts and repairs

Havenít I seen you on facebook this lady asked...not really

Our new home, forced out of the campground, then with rising prices out of the hostel we came to here, the macadamia nut farm, and a cabin in the woods.

Another broken piece of Rudolf, this time the clutch basket

Finally repaired...out for a test ride with Ian, here Ian rides to road to Palin

Our final meal, Ian and I had fun rustling up some interesting meals, our last one before I hit the road to Nebaj

Packed, at last, and ready to go....not confident in the bike gives me a lot to worry over.

First picnic spot, fresh air, no humdrum, claro.

The shackles are off, on the road to Joyabaj, great, just really great to be back on the road.

Just great, camping, freedom, peace, alone, warm and dry too...

A drunk slumped on the right, itís pretty early too, maybe this is in Chinique

Mini finca home

The butchers block

The fantastic colours of Guatemalan clothing.

Top lass let me take her photo, one of few.

And here she is again, she was lovely.

Selling chicks from the sack, big business there were lots of women selling them, and not a few running loose being chased by giggling girls.

No rucksacks here, wrap it up and stick it on your head.

Weighing out the libres, though there seems to be no genuine weights to begin with.

Who painted my house...UNE, one of the political groups, everything is painted, the road, rocks, hard shoulders, mountians, pylons....

Three fellas cadge a ride, a rough and rather unsafe one.

Arguing whose machete is best

Walking up a hill on your knees, repeatedly, for a god of unknown name, the tree god maybe...

Lunch time yippee

In Nebaj, not as great as Iíd hoped

School girls in Nebaj

Young boy fetches firewood and for once treats the dog nicely; usually they kick or stone the dogs.

A huge storm at night and too rocky ground to place pegs in the ground, meant for a wet night, but a great morning.

In Chajul, pronounced Cha Hool, a really great place that I spent hours walking around.

One of the main streets in Chajul

The butchers....always fascinating are the butchers, well to me at least.

A house in Chajul and the local colours of dress, each region or area has its own cloth.

Kids playing penny pitch in the street with coke bottle tops.

A chicken and a fancy designed door.

Kids play, a woman washes her hair, beans dry.

They wanted their photo taken, so I took it.

Hanging on the corner, the pace of life seems pretty slow here.

Girl studying outside her home.

The shoe repair shop and a woman bragging about being able to balance stuff on her head to her friend, who canít.

Head gear, I asked the family if I could take the photo, I talked with them, one of them anyway, who spoke Spanish, but wouldnít let me photograph them.

Men, seem to either work very hard in the field, or alternatively, just sit around in the market.

Brightly coloured threads for sale in the market for weaving

And hereís how they weave it, takes about 15 days to make one cloth, because they leave it under the porch hoping it will weave itself...not really, they work pretty hard.

Another wee boy working, lugging the firewood, which seemed to be the boys job, heís just left his friend behind, they spoke like old men to each other it seemed.

Waterfall near Cotzal in the Ixil triangle, really great spot, and free, and no people, but still canít find the road to Lancetillo.

Woman launders beneath the falls in the river, her grandson on the banks.

This also isnít the road to Lancetillo.

Houses in the hills.

Too hot, hook your t-shirt over your nips, and usually rub your paunch or finger your belly button in the street....

This IS the road I wanted...finally. And it was MIGHTY steep.

Tent bound, raining again, Iím just thankful Iím IN the tent, just in the nick of time.

My camp spot, at Carlos's farm, gracias a dios.

Frijoles, black beans, staple food

"But Coban is that way." said Carlos, "Yeah, I know," I said, "but itís about to pee it down." Luckily he understood and let me camp on his patch just before the rain

The road to Coban, still raining.

...and still raining...

...and now Iíve got a puncture. Gracias a dios.

...and now the roads closed.

Turning back I stop for a break and a fat cubilete cake, these girls bring their dried maize to be ground to flour to make tortillas.

Back the way I came, the road FROM Coban.

LLoyd Grossman doesnít live here.

The rain, the cold, the puncture, no lunch, and back to where I was five days prior means I felt a bit down....silly really...

THE SUN....chance to dry my stuff.

Having found another way to Coban, on dirt too, I felt great again after some sleep and here a nice picnic spot in the shade by a river.

ANOTHER monster of a hill, Rudolf JUST made it up, though I thought the clutch was sure to burn I let him cool off

If you think Iím mad, check these idiots out, getting a ride to town on a rocky track, standing on whatever space you can find on the back of a already pretty knackered pickup.

Rabinal market

Residents watch one of the political groups making a noisy stage show, not much seems to be said, little politics anyway, seems more like a concert, itís a popularity contest I think.

A lot of the men have these little coffee sack like satchels, they cool.

The hill where I nearly fell 300m, it doesnít look steep here actually, but I can assure you, in all truthfulness that it was.

Another new fruit to try, Guatemala has some great produce and usually cheap too.

Nick and Rudolf fall out, having realised another head bolt has probably stripped itself.

Bloody ants, ate through my tent and bit me to piece during the night, I wondered what it was.

Donít stand there too long love, youíll be painted like the pylon by UNE

Topshop, for Chapins.

In a vegetable pear field for lunch I realise without doubt that the head bolt is finished, and contemplate a trip back to the city.

Insert a lot of angry cursing here...actually just sighs.

Back in Guate, waiting for Rudolf, two shoe shine boys carry their little shoe shine work kits, they are very cool doubling as containers for the polish and foot rest.

Julio, picking out his favorite chocolates wearing his rather gay glasses.

Guatemala relief map...a bit of a rip off actually.

City Hall, I think, in the zocolo, top place, but also a rip off to get my book.

Cathedral in Guate city.

The arch in Guate city, better even than Antiguas, though the street is not as nice I suppose. My guide is Raul, Julio's staff member, on the left.

Nosing around the old post office, now used for art and teaching, great use of the building, and dirt cheap classes.

Street vendors.

Inside one of the churches.

Jazz club.

I donít know where this was, nice though.

A new hair cut, new luck....

Nice chair.

La torre del reformador, designed by a yank. Near the Yamaha store means I have seen this too much.

Found this in my bed, yummy.

I also see this on a regular basis, as it too is near Yamaha, nicew though.

Some naked stautes hold up a phallas...or something

Near the judicial court, coke infiltrates the minds of the people, Guatemalans drink the most cola per capita after Mexico or something.

The great Andres who has let me stay in his house whilst I work in the city all for free, top chap, here he plays bike mechanic.
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