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There's gold in them hills...and an egg to be grabbed.

The discovery of gold in the Uwharries in 1799 led to Americas first gold rush. They are thought to be the the oldest mountains on earth and formed approximately 500 Million years ago as part of the Gondwanan plate. At their peak they were over 20,000 feet tall joining the continent to the eastern seabed. Today they peak at just over 1,100 feet and are known for their top quality clays and pottery producing communities that ring their foothills.

Egg wanted to go see these cool mountains, so I took him for a ride. We purchased an OHV pass and had some fun in the ORV area as well as on the forest service roads.

Well it's been great riding with Egg but after a good day getting dirty and dusty in the mountains we decided that it was time to find a spot for the egg drop.

So we went here (Art Lilley Campground)...

And followed the road till it ended at the campground...

After parking we hopped the fence and went into the clearing directly behind the bike.

We then turned around once we entered the clearing and looked back in the direction we came from. Egg decided he wanted to be dropped off at the Rock next to the Big Log.

I tucked him in nicely under one corner of the rock.

There's something for everyone within a few miles of this tag. Camping, hiking, and fishing abound. Gas up, get supplies, a road/trail map, and URE stickers at the Eldorado Outpost. You can also get your $5 ORV permit here if you want to ride the trails as well as the roads.

Out of consideration for every ones different bikes I posted the tag on an easily ridden well graded and maintained Forest Service Road. It's about 5 miles of easy gravel/dirt to get to the tag spot...and you get to ride one of the official OHV roads to get there.

Here is what the road conditions entail...

Not too difficult. I have a friend who did it on a scooter and I saw an entire pack of Harleys out there today as well as trucks pulling RVs. It may be a small challenge for some bikes but this is Adv after all.

Anyone who wants to tackle a much bigger challenge, you can hop on the OHV trails not to far from the Eldorado Outpost and follow them all the way to the Art Lilley parking lot/camping area where Egg is at instead of just riding the Forest Service Roads. Theirs a fun mud pit you can tackle on the trail just off the entrance to the parking lot

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