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Originally Posted by mgorman View Post
You aren't that old, though I did notice AARP members did seem to outnumber those without gray hair.
[Indiana Jones] It ain't the years, it's the mileage [/Indiana Jones]

Even when I was younger I never really rode with any discipline or training, just jumped on in total ignorance and rode...never had the money or connections to learn offroad by anyone that knew what they were doing, so I never even tried anything that required trials skills, and my bike was utterly inappropriate for it. I paid for that naivete too, 25 years later I still have lingering shoulder stingers and knee issues from wrecking when I was a teenager.

Coming back to it so much later in life, it's hard to instill that skill set without a learning curve that involves some broken stuff (me and the bike). I look at some things like that and think "Yeah, if I wasn't worried about going to work Monday, I would do it". And, that's true, I know I have the physical ability to do that stuff but I'm not ready for the damage. In a chicken shit way, just knowing I could and would if things were different is kinda enough for me.
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