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Hey Doc - You're ready to 'ride the tiger' ? Cool! I think you'll like 'em. DO get some 20mm (at least) risers though - the stock bar setting, even for us shorter folk, is really uncomfortable. You're smart 'passing' on the Triumph luggage - I cant see it surviving much abuse. It ain't much...but heres what I know so far: Happy Trails does have a symetrical SU rack system (currently available) than will fit any pannier, that has a flat unadorned mounting surface. The rack sticks out equally on both sides so you DONT order different size cases to accomodate exhaust. There is room on non-exhaust side for MSR bottle, tool kit, whatever. It has its pros / cons but I can live with that. I'm definatly getting their pannier rack system and tail platform for my drybag. (I had HT racks / cases on my KLR that ended up being large 'frame sliders' with no significant damage under serious abuse - they make really tough / high quality stuff. I wish they made a more aesthetically pleasing pannier...but havent ruled them out entirerly yet) Called Holan to inquire about 2 - 40L cases. No word back. My riding partner waited over 4 months last year for his 800GS panniers from them. Pretty poor business model - hopefully improved by now. TraX EVO 37L sidecases appear to be available & might be my next choice, but waiting to hear back on the improvements over the previous models & if compatible with HT racks. Twisted throttle has been pretty good to deal with & are very responsive. Jessies are also an option, they ARE durable - my buddy has them on his 12GS & 'Lori KTM' also recommends them. Not sure about availability tho - havent checked yet. Pelican or Cariboo (I forget which) does now have top loaders - reportedly pretty tough. But they look more like plastic garbage cans without wheels (as some pundit surmised) - tho I don't think they're that bad. Anyway - thats as far as my research takes me so far. Will let you know of further developments as I hear back from folks. Chow' j
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