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Headed SW with my goal of visiting Hanhs Mill. I stuck with my goal of riding the roads only the locals know. Soon I noticed the area had to have been hit by a downpour sometime yesterday: the roads were no longer dusty, puddles were everywhere and water was running in the ditches along the roads. My route took me to a water crossing along the Bourbeuse River.

I could tell the water was up and stained from the recent rains. I decided to check out the depth before crossing. I waded into the water and decided to reroute when the water came up to my knees.

Hahns Mill was a bust. It was torn down years ago. However, there was a fun water crossing on the Castor River. The water was crystal clear and deeper then it looked.

A short distance away along the Whitewater River was an old Baptist (?) Church,

also the Heitman (Dollie) Mill that is being lost to vegetation:

Heitman Mill was owned by Matthias Bollinger and finished in 1828. The mill dam was built by slave labor (maybe the mill was as well). Originally the power was from an over shot wheel but later changed to a more efficient turbine. The grinding stones were shipped in from France.

Moses Bollinger purchased the mill from Matthias in 1835. In 1854 Moses dies and the heirs could not agree to see the mill so it was sold at a sheriff's auction to John Dollie. The Dollie's kept it in the family until they sold half interest to William Heitman in 1899.

I had a few more mills I wanted to visit however it was getting very hot and steamy and running a little late to meet my friend. I headed to Cape to meet up with my friend. In town I checked my messages and found the motel where they were staying. You know you are not staying at the classiest place in town when there are there signs outside your door.

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