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Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by NMEXPAT View Post
I have about 11,000 miles on my '10 MTS 1200. The only broken thing I've had from riding offroad is that one of the bolts holding the stock license plate fell off. It vibrated off due to about a 60 mile gravel road with real washboard.

It's no dirtbike, the 17 in front tire is too jittery, but fully capable if one chooses and is aware of the consequences, $$$$. My biggest problem with it offroad not on pavement is the DTC cutting in too much.

I agree wonderfull bike, but the potential repair bill keeps me from pushingthe bike to any where nears it's potential, there's a reason I still have chicken strips, I don't want to face a multi thousand$ repair bill even if its a minor drop.
Doesn't sound like much fun riding a bike around with all that running through your head. I like ripping around fire roads and trails on my DR650 because I never worry about dropping it, and it's been dropped quite a few times. I'm afraid I would probably be more like Dr Greg and try using the bike to it's potential, which would far outweigh my skill and then as you say, end up with a large $$$$ repair bill. For me that's just the price of admission though, to me there's no point riding around scared I might break something.
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