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Originally Posted by JALnSC View Post
Something I cant figure out, Every one is talking about how this bike will be to expensive and such with a price tag of 18-22k. I work with guys who have more than that tied up in Gold wings, Harley, and Big Dogs. We are not going to even mention the guys spending 30k on a bass boat they might use 5 times a year.
Yes it is a neat bike, it might cost some money but as I see it if you want it get it. It is too much for you dont get it. save money and buy something else but enjoy the bike for what it is.
I saw a guy ride by me in a Lotus yesterday and that was a damm neat car, I hope he enjoys it.
I hope I see some Motus's over the next few years. In a year or two i might even have one. and it will be a daily driver
Because even then, most of us aren't buying those new. My one big harley I paid 15k for, and realized that was too much - used and/or 11k or under from now on for me. That means a 20k bike has a ways to go before I can afford it.
There's a real simple test for "does my bike have soul": when you're on it do you feel like Sigurd hitting mach III on Fafnir's back while you decapitate pedestrians with Gram and plunge into a spinning color vortex of lust-hate-fear-madness as you leap the Himalayas? If so, you have found your mount. If not... the quest may be long, indeed. Embrace the inevitable - Scrannel
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