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Day 7 : 28th April : Gué Vatanen - M'hamid

No pics, photograph machine ran out of battery
Wake up before daw (as usual)
pack things up
Gasoline? This is a short stage, shy 200 kms
find some gasoline
let's go!
Where is the control de depart?
Someone dared to get lost before finding the control de depart and got his bike a shit hole
4 guys to get that thing out
looks like it's that way! really!?
Control de Depart
Fast tracks
Really fast tracks
Is that dust from a bike ahead? we gotta catch him!!!!!!!
Fast tracks
More dust ahead
bike dust?
we have to catch him!!!!
we have to catch him!!!
we have to catch him!!!
we have to catch him!!!
The 950 Adv is a serious fast machine!
Faster tracks,
There's lake Iriki
Already covered 80 kms of this stage, where gonna arrive quite early today!!
Ups, that's a bump ahead, ouch can't avoid it, gotta be soft
we're through!!
Auberge in the middle of nowhere
Getting hot
Some mint tea to reshen up
Scranbled eggs, traditional morocan dish
Severe speculation about the origin of those "eggs"
Something related to a camel after watching a another camel, this time a female one, in a poster with red lipstick
fresh coke
a few other riders get together
"i think i scratched my bike back there when i fell on some rocks"
Let's go, still 120 kms to go, it's fast!
how much for the food and drinks?
600 dirhams
scrambled eggs = 100 Dh
Morocco isn't what it used to be..
on the run
i don't think we're on the right track
short cut on direct track
"he passed through those leafs"
Fuuuuuuuc... camel bush
up and down, left turn, right turn, sand sand sand...
the guy with the scratched bike goes away
go, go
having fun in the dunes
talking in a tree shade with a few other participants
mild feshfesh
just a bit of dust
what is that??
more dust
flying sand
sand storm
where's the track?
hard to navigate
noone around
low visibillty
the SOB oued
20 kms of oued
Not that hard afterall
Ups there are a few dunes here in the middle
there a 4x4 stranded over there
into the sand
sand bath taking the 950 out
end of the oued
More fesh fesh
fuel reserve light on
WTF? 160 kms with 18 litres?
Did i fill her up?
shity morocan gasoline, that was water
CheckPoint 2
A few friends arrive
only 25 kms to go
let's go
i'm going slower as i'm out of fuel
10kms of fesh fesh
"this isn't as hard as they said it would be"
another sand storm
no, that was a mild breeze with a few bits of sand
what followed was...
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
Sand storm
zero visibility
15 kms of this
"like hell this ain't difficult...fuc........"
road, asphalted road!
a few friends dringking coke mixed with sand by the road
find the hotel
better find the control de arrive before doing that
control de arrive
let's head for the hotel
No words to describe
spannish Tortilha
ice cold soda
pool fresh water
Sund...without sand going through the airl
wait for the luggage truck to arrive
"we have a few scratches on my bike that we need to polish"
Garage Dakar
broekn scratch, bent scratch, rotated scratch, etc......
hamer here, hamer there
assemble everything
doesn't look too bad....
good as new......LOL
pay? you guys did nothing... we did all the work... morocco isn't the same anymore...
back to the hotel.
Dinner past mid night
tomorrow Control de Depart opens at 7:30 some 40 kms away...
Good night!

it continues..
Growing old is mandatory... growing up is optional!

Raid de L'Amitié 2011 RR (link)
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