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Originally Posted by mgorman View Post
The worse thing to do is ride a bike that will wear you out. Poor suspension will beat you to death. Horsepower can work both ways, too little and you struggle on the big hills, too much and you spend more energy holding on than riding. Can't remember how tall you are but a bike with an e-start might be beneficial even if it does add a few pounds. Someone mentioned the number of big thumpers out there with riders who couldn't re-start them.
Worse thing to do was not go

I knew this instinctively - now I'm intimately acquainted. The suspension was way soft, the tires wouldnt hook up and gearing sucked, powers not the best. Magic Button worked every time. I'd ridden the bike at Tar Hollow and some other rides. If I'd known what I was getting into at ZTR - I'd brought something other than a knife to a gun-fight. Hell the TTR woulda been light years ahead - but all the TTR riders look alike.

Was still fun - since I know the score I'll bring something more appropriate *cough* Beta *cough* ... next time. I'm a masochist tho.
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