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Hanging out with young Channing

Got up did the regulation breakkie and then hung around for awhile. Young Channing was here with Alexa so had a chat with him. His last day of school holidays today. We were just hanging around shooting each other with his bebe gun then set up a set of soccer goals and had shots at goal out the backyard.

Alexa had a lie down as she was tired from the day before plus she was out late with the crew so me and Channing were just chilling out. I suggested we go to the movies to see Transformers so we asked if that was ok got on the net and it was playing in 3d in an hour so off we went to the movies.

Have misplaced my thongs flip flops whatever you want to call them so other than my hiking boots I had no shoes so off I went bare footed to the shops to grab some new ones.

Obviously they arent used to seeing people walk through the shopping centre in winter wearing board shorts and barefooted, I got a few strange looks, but maybe they were just checking me out cause im really handsome and have movie star good looks.

Went straight up to the billabong shop I knew I could find them cheaper than in one of the surf shops but didnt really have much time to frig around so just paid what they asked wacked em on my feet and headed off to the movies.

Tried to do the booking of seats on their computers at the counter but they are so all over the place just thought stuff it, walked over to the chick and paid, looks like they are trying to be all modern but doesent seem to be to successful everyone was having problems with it.

Got into the movies, it was ok typical Transformers movie, lots of fighting but alot more people getting killed in this one, pretty full on for a 10yo rating but oh well nothing they havent seen before these days in video games.

Came out of the movie and decided to go in to one of them time zone gaming joints, was heaps of machines in there but to be honest alot of were broken taking extra tokens not playing etc, just basically shit, nothing like Oz, Tried to get someone's attention to help with getting our money back a few times but gave up in the end they weren't interested. At least when you play a game over home it works and you get your moneys worth, this place for such a busy joint was absolute crap you wouldn't get me going back in a hurry as much as I like them places with the kids, this one was rubbish.

We ended up playing alot of the ticket games which is a waste of money cause you get jack shit for them but the kids like it so Channing was collecting tickets and having fun.

We had a game of ten pin bowling, the music was blaring you couldn't hear yourself think let alone chat so we only played one game and got the hell out of there. I had to leave, as if im going to let him beat me again, looks like its back to Wii bowling for me. It was the music I just couldnt get into the rythmn.

Came home at around 3:30 so we had been about 5 hours after all that so Alexa had a pretty good day laying around in bed relaxing doing the Sunday thing after such a big day at the airshow yesterday and night out last night.

We all just hung around then took the dogs out the back yard, they really have nice gardens here, lots of big trees its really nice. We walked over by the fence and the dogs were going off their heads so we went over to see what they were going on about and there is this little owl stuck in the fence by his wing.

Fortunatly the dogs couldnt get into were he was stuck as they probably would of ripped him apart so Alexa grabbed a towel and I got in there and picked him up and let him go over the fence away from the dogs.

He just limped off so we were a little worried about him so Alexa rang their local wildlife people and they told her that the mother kicks the little ones out of the nest and then they fend for themselves but in most cases they get eaten before they get strong enough so we decided to go grab it and save it.

As we were walking around to next doors property Helen a friend of Alexa's turned up I had met her last night, she is JJ's personal assistant but didnt get to much of a chance to talk to her last night, she was pretty blind drunk, the way I like my woman but I left pretty soon after she arrived, its to bad i'm not going to get to know her a little better she seems really nice.

We found the little owl and the guy next door said theres another one over the other side of the yard so we went and found him as well and put them both in a box and took them home, there awesome looking things.

We all went back in side and hung out and we had Chicken curry for dinner then Alexa and Channing headed home. Helen who was house sitting Vern and Mickeys place here at the lodge had to go get her son Byron from the shops and come back. I was charging up my computer off my bike when Helen and Byron came back so had a brief chat then they went back inside and headed back into my room which is on the other side of the property.

Wasnt expecting to see Helen again but was outside getting my computer off my bike which was charging and Helen came out to say good night. She has to work tomorrow so was having an early night plus they have to get the kids up to go to start school at 7:30 here, that would suck when I would take Loges to school we would only wake up at 7:30 to drive the 40 k's to school up at Tweed Heads for a 9 am start much more respectable.

Thats about it for the night Adios Amigos

Photo below is Alexa and Channing
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