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Alexa was here when I got up this morning so we hung around for awhile chatting way deciding what to do with the owls, she had given the wildlife rescue place over the other side of Durban a call so we decided we would take them over there. Was our good deed to save them from doom I guess. We arrived at the Crows place, whatever that stands for something something something wildlife sanctuary I guess and took the owls in. Made a donation to help them feed them, ok a few hundred rand which is about 40 bucks the place looks like it does a really good job for all sorts of wildlife so its a small price to pay to see something as nice as these owls survive.

We had a walk around the park there was baboons, monkeys, lots of small creatures birds etc etc, apparently they have ex druggos on help here as some sort of rehabilitation, I actually thought as much even before Alexa said that, the lady I talked to in the garden while Alexa was talking to the bloke seemed like she had a few screws loose, so when Alexa told me that it all sort of fit.

But in saying that there was quite a few younger girls in here, so if it helps them recover its doing a few good jobs and helps them to head in the right direction.

We left there and headed back home and just hung out, Alexa was off to do whatever she was doing so I just chilled went for a ride on my bike up to Gearup a motorcycle accessory shop up in town to see if they had the stuff to put in my tires,

All good they had 1 bottle of it and also the tubes for my bike, so now had spare tubes and the slime you put inside them to stop them getting punctures, motorcycle dudes will know what im talking about, I guess you never know if it works or not as it just runs around inside your tyre and repairs it if you ever do have a flat. I know they say you cant patch a tyre once you use it but id prefer to take the chance it stops me having to patch a tyre in the middle of nowhere, which is always a pain.

Had a look at the smaller screens and and the aero fit pop up screen to see if there was anything I could do to fix this wind tunnel effect that hits me right in ther face from my extended Bmw screen, it certainly sucks. If you have a Bmw Gs 800 and are thinking of getting the extended screen they are shit and put the wind right on your face, I'm sure they must of got a tiny little Japanese dude to test where it hit you in the face when trialing it. Ill work something out in time other than that my neck will be strong as an ox in a few months with having to fight against the wind all the time.

Had my first mac attack in South Africa actually i think well im pretty sure it is the first. Whats with the fast food joints here, you go in with a 200 rand note which is like 25 bucks and they can never cash it, always asking for something smaller for f*cks sake maybe they are used to be robbed by the staff or something but it really is a pain, fair enough if it was a 100 bucks note or the equivelant but 25 bucks, really.

Came home and just relaxed for the night sorted of decided i was going to take off on Wednesday so might have a relaxing day tomorrow and catch up with my blogs and uploading them etc

Helen and Alexa are next door, I know where I should be but I'm just relaxing watching tv, doing this blogging. I just txt Alexa to change the channel cause shes got control of the digital box in there, Vern put the pay tv through to my room but I have no control on what we are watching so an abusive txt does the trick, get this crap off.

Anyway im out of here ciao

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