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Still in Durban

Today woke up early as the crew that are staying here are obviously workers and bloody noisey dam them as if I want to wake up at 6 am bloody the hide of some people.

So up and into breakfeast then went out side and Helen was leaving for work, said good bye to her and Byron her son as im thinking ill take off tomorrow morning and head over to ride the Sani Pass in Lesotho which by all accounts should be an amazing ride, probably what anyone following this blog is waiting for, me to actually ride somewhere.

I must admit ive been made to feel so welcome here in Durban and im not in any hurry.

Said good morning to Alexa she wasnt going anywhere other than to drop Channing off to school still half a sleep in her pj's. So went back into my room after everyone had left and promptly fell back asleep ahhh thats the world im best in slumberland.

Woke back up around 10:30 only to walk out to Alexa stressing out. Asked her what was up and apparently her dad Vern had a turn up at Kruger lodge and wasnt real well. Must of been a real worry, he's no spring chicken at 80 but as the day wore on the news became better, even though he had been admitted to hospital, gave her a big hug she looked like she needed it, she latched on that's for sure she's got a great bear hug, nearly put me out.

Wasnt much I could do but just be there for her if she needed anything so what did I do I took off on my bike for a ride. Headed down the beach front watching the surf, a few nice waves coming in about 5 foot on the sets. Only a few guys out surfing down the beach so alot of waves going unridden, maybe there is better spots somewhere up or down the coast but it looks pretty point free around here mainly beach break stuff with a few rocky outcrops at most.

Was just sitting there watching the waves and a guy came up who was on holidays from Johannasburg and wouldnt you guess it Ive forgotten his name and lost his card, real nice chat we had. His wife was up by the pool in one of the resorts, so he was just doing what I was doing hanging around down by the ocean.

He owned a Yamaha and had owned an 650 Dakar in the past so jibbered with him for well over an hour, hope you stop by and sorry I lost your card i'm friggin hopeless I've got to be a little more careful with that sort of thing.

Reminds me of the stuff that happens with me all the time like once a few months before I left I went over to get my yellow fever shots ok no dramas you say, well have to get the book stamped and all that right, so get all my shots done and then book signed, all to easy. Walk out the door, get on my bike, ride home and walk in the door, ok wheres the yellow fever book. For fooks sake, ok it must be somewhere, tear the bike down looking for it as it really is an important thing not to lose, ok its not here, it must be back in Mullumbimby at the surgery, better go look for it. Bolt back over there in the rain by this time. Go to the shops where I had been, no luck.

Walk back into the surgery, oh have you seen my yellow fever booklet, yes Sheldon you must of dropped it as you walked out the door it was out the front in the rain, cool I got it back. Oh by the way while you were here you forgot to pay oh ok sorry about that no probs, pay my bill everything is sweet grab my my yellow fever booklet making sure I have it this time, walk back to my bike go to get on hang on wheres my helmet, shit a brick Ive left it back in the surgery. So walk back in feeling like a total dick by this time and the lady says you will need this to which I respond, and I need to go to Africa to get lost im doing it 5 minutes from home, fair dinkum. At least over here people will just say what a dumb prick that guy was and never see me again when I do that kind of stuff. As Funny as it is it's really annoying and happens all the time. It will be one of the reason's the border crossings will be very interesting and I mean very interesting. I know its when things are the hardest for me when there is alot going on in this small little space up there, well vacant space so just trying to be as organised as I can be and if it gets to much I will just go away sit down somewhere and have another go a little later, it does worry me a bit though its one of the things im still getting used to, I dont know whether you ever do but all i can do is make the best of it, in the wash up it could be a hell of alot worse.

Anyway back to South Africa, got back on the bike and headed home, Alexa was here and was still trying to organise things with her mum and dad so I asked if she wanted me to bring Channing home from soccer training as I had told him I would come and watch him train. She was cool with that so I headed off to Gateway to rack up some internet credits and then to Channings training. I got down there and was watching the kids train, the coach is a bit of a peckerhead, shit a brick man 30 minutes of netball then 30 minutes of shooting practice seriously buddy that was a shit session.

I can be a hard marker when it comes to coaching the kids being involved with the development squads and being the youth coordinator at Byron in the past but really that was a terrible session, I reckon the kids with their 60 minutes of training kicked the ball maybe 30 times, come on man thats crap they should be touching the ball 30 times in the first 5 minutes with their feet.

At least he looked the part in all his Juventus stuff one back sock one white sock with matching white and black boot, what a classic, maybe I got him on a bad night at least he seemed to try, even the netball is good for the kids but it's supposed to be for a few minutes to get the kids to learn to move off the ball and receive it but your supposed to give them a goal at each end which they have to head through so they can catch pass and move into an attacking position then recieve again. That goes on for a few minutes then you explain what you are doing then go back to the game on the ground with the ball not just 10 kids playing netball in a small area all on top of each other for 30 minutes with no explanation of why or whatever, come on dude.

Anyway I was standing there watching this jive turkey and started talking to a kid who was kicking the ball into the goal by himself so went over and had a kick with him, we did a few drills with him and got him from toe poking the ball to locking his ankle and hitting the ball with the correct technique in 10 minutes so made a little contribution to someone down there, he actually got the hang of it real quick probably just never been shown before going by the coaching I had been witnessing.

Also showed him the right technique to head the ball by holding it in front of him getting his stance right and bending his back and then heading it out of my hand then using the technique, we went back to the goals and surprisingly he hit some really nice shots for a kid that 20 minutes before was standing there toe poking it at the goal. Its funny sometimes thats all it takes to get them going, one on one training with someone.

Channing finished training and we headed home got back here about 7ish and Alexa was here with her mum obviously a little worried and upset but everything is ok, Vern is stable and relaxing in hospital and was almost able to come home but stayed there just to be on the safe side. Sat and talked to them for awhile till about 8:30 then made my exit for them to relax as much as they could in the circumstances, im sure they must be very worried with Vern all the way up the coast all by himself in hospital. I was going to leave tomorrow after Vern and Mickey got back together but im going to hang around for a few more days to make sure that they dont need any help with anything just in case, they have been so nice to me its the least I can do is wait for Vern to come back from hospital and make sure he is ok.

Just chillaxing now hope Mickey is getting some rest im sure shes very tired and stressed out from the ordeal shes been through.

I had a few talks to people about riding the Sani Pass today sounds like an awesome ride from what I had read it is pretty steep at the top and bit danerous but they assure me ill be fine.

While I was out I had dropped into Bmw and got in trouble from Roy the guy that owns the dealership as i was riding around in boardshorts and thongs and there he was all kitted out in all his brand spankin Beemer safety stuff.

He told me that his mates a skin surgeons up at the hospital and will love me when I go to hospital and they will use a steel brush to clean my gravel grazes up when I have a stack. I told him my story about when I had a head on collision while riding on a Katana 1100 with a station wagon flying right over the car and landing on my knees sliding along where it ripped my shoes off my feet then flipping upside down looking back at my bike 20 feet in the air spinning around in what seemed like slow motion, landing back on my feet to do the kamo run off the road in front of the next car, I had severe grazes on my knees and feet full of tar and gravel from sliding along the road, so I went home after all the accident was sorted and the people in the car were all taken to hospital and I grabbed a bottle of scotch sucked half of it down my guts and went to work cleaning the gravel and tar out of my knees and feet, see so you dont need a skin surgeon to do that I said. The next day I got up went to the beach and jumped in the ocean to give it the ol salt water clean up too, to easy, man the next day in the salt water hurt though ha ha

I did eventually go to the doctor a few months after the accident though cause I still couldnt bend my leg, anyway the things you do, that was so long ago its like 4 or 5 near death experiences back.

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