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Originally Posted by brockoli View Post
Anyone who has wheelied a sidecar outfit, especially a 1 wheel drive unit, knows it's a scary situation. Makes for turning in parking lots easy though . Without going full computer traction sensor control with adjustable diff's and so on and so on, there is only so far you can go before you have to incorporate a lot of technology to help you out. And who writes transmission programs for 3 wheeled, 2 wheel drive, 1 wheel steered vehicles?? They are a strange breed for sure.

Brock Smith
Side Effects
I have been there (doing a wheelie taking off from the line with my current rig)...
Chopped the throttle very quickly to bring the front end back down to prevent a ground loop!!!
(pulled VERY hard to the left)

I think that a 2wd rig with a limited slip diff. would drive a little bit straighter with the front end light, but don't have any direct evidence to back that up.
For an adventure rig I wouldn't want to rely too much on electronic controls but would rather do things mechanically. Just my personal bias.


The Triumph rig looks killer!!!
Great job!
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