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Hey Alcan Rider,

You shouldn't be so modest with your chronological seniority (advanced geezerhood). I think it was more like '27 when you were 18 and fresh out of high school.
Mebbe instead of dancing this weekend, you should keep an eye on your tent. Might even want to stay up all night to make sure the tent pegs don't pull out and let the tent collapse on top of you. Just a friendly warning from a fellow camper.

Originally Posted by HayDuchessLives View Post
I'm adding a few photos to show off some of Alaska's stunning scenery.

That is "stunning scenery"??

Originally Posted by HayDuchessLives View Post
Lookie here - if you visit Alaska at the appropriate time - you can take advantage of a great sale: Ladies Pants 1/2 off at Alaska Leather! (I have absolutely no recollection of who posed for this photo....)
Hmmm... that butt looks familiar. Seems I've seen it spread across the seat of a DR as I've followed it for many miles - from a safe distance.

Now to get back to the subject at hand. An oft-photographed scene about 30 scenic miles from Valdez -

The Valdez Pipeline Terminal, for those Haul Road riders who would say they have been from one end of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline to the other -

Closer to Fairbanks on the Richardson Hwy, on the north side of the Alaska Range, the evening sun provides nice shadow detail to the mountains -
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