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Day Rides...

Days ride photos whilst working in Guatemala City.

Some mayan ruins near the city, called Mixco Viejo. Nice and quiet I was the only visitor

And here they are again, whilst I get pestered by a wee kid for bread, a quetzal and he asks if I'm on my own, with conspiracy to "muerte"....perhaps.

And again...the boy now gone, watching me from up yonder.

Eddie Liz-ard. Funny if you're British...and have a low threshold for laughing.

Chinga! A very bad word in spanish....being repeated by both father and son alike whilst trying to get the oxen to lug the heavy load of rocks.

Having spent too long looking for hot things at volcan pacaya I get caught in the afternoon rain, it took only ten minutes for the road to become flooded.

Can you see Nick and Bike "No.2"...on the shortbut delightful stretch of dirt road between Santa Maria Jesus and Palin, near Antigua, on my way to Volcan Pacaya.

Standing on the ring of fire....Viewed from Volcan Pacaya; Volcan Agua looms in the clouds and in the background Volcan Fuego erupts.

Volcan Pacaya and perhaps an old visitors centre, now closed and graffited up.

...and the path where many a panting gringo has stepped to toast marshmallows on the hot rocks.

At Volcan Pacaya, I went off a-wandering looking for lava and hot spots....the closest I got was this where steam seeps out, rocks are hot to touch, and the air is thick with hot earthy smells...the volcano has been dormant for a little while now....

Reaching the caldera lake for a spot of lunch, a little bit of rain...and a lot of mosquitoes.

Volcan Ipala's caldera lake, magnificent.

Streets near Guatemala city, maybe Chichimecas....

On the road to Volcan Ipala, lovely stretch, despite being on my lesser favourite, asphalt.

...but soon on San Luis Jiltopeque again, a Sunday football game underway on the old mine below...

On the beautiful trail up to Volcan Ipala....

...still on the dirt road....

Then a really great stretch of dirt to San Luis Jilotepeque (Hee-low-tuh-peck-ay)

Stuffed full of cheese, beans and bread...I still managed to find space for a "coco frio" a big drink of coconut milk and then a belly full of coco flesh.

And here the chap cuts open the coconut and scoops out the inside for me to stuff my already full of coconut milk belly.
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