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Originally Posted by G-Funk View Post
If you don't mind me asking, because I could not find them on the Happy Trails website, what did the bars run you?

They should be for sale soon. These are the prototypes. All the R&D was done on my bike. The racks and boxes are for sale now. I'm not sure what they are gonna run price wise. But, I can tell you they're worth every penny! I fell really hard to the high side twice on my little adventure. These things didn't even think about bending. If I just had the low Triumph guards on, the upper plastic would have been destroyed and the tank dented from a log the bike landed on. I may have also sustained radiator damage. Then it would have been a Spot message to come get me.

The V-strom rally was just in Boise, so I know the shop was really busy building stuff for those guys. I can send an email to see if I can find out a release date and cost info for you. I can probably get a response on Monday. Check back then. I'm sure they are anxious to get them built and on the market.
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