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Originally Posted by av_mech View Post
You may not have this product in your country, but I'm sure you can find something similar. HERE It's the MSR Dromedary bag. And it's come way down in price. It used to $80! It's for water, but if you rinse it out well after putting gas in, it will last a long time. I've got a buddy that's been using one for a few years now. It's great cause it packs away until the long leg of your trip and then straps on top of your bags with ROK straps (or whatever you use) when you fill it. A little tip if you go this exact route. A Nalgene water bottle cap fits the threads perfectly. Use the Nalgene cap when it's full of gas cause the stock pour top leaks a bit. Change to the stock MSR cap when filling. The spout makes a nice stream with no spills. Then put the Nalgene cap back on.

My brother uses the Rotopax on his KLX and loves it. He can strap his Wolfman dry bag on top of it. It's a bit spendy, but well engineered and built tough.
That's a nifty idea - the MSR bag.

I know of the rotopax containers, and agreed, they're built really nice.


P.S. - yes, if you could find out a release date on the H.T. bars, and even a rough price, that would be great.
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