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I was getting quite hungry, so I went for some seafood.

I put my order in at the door of the bus and sat down on the boardwalk, as the tables were full. A nice couple asked if I wanted to sit with them.

The best meal I had had since staying at Pistonpants' place. I got a big seafood cocktail of everything..

After talking to the couple for a while they invited me to stay on the couch in their motorhome. Okay! . It was like a five star hotel on wheels. They were especially nice, and cooked some good meals that they shared with me. They even made me a nice lunch for the road in the morning. It was nice sleeping out of a tent again.

My plans were to get up early and head out for some awesome morning mountain photography of the glacier... I woke up before dawn.. and was a little disappointed.

If you have good weather in Hyder, it won't last. I wasn't worried though, it gives me a reason to go back again :)

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