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got a bigger windscreen.. my prototype worked well, but it was time for the real thing.

I missed my horse.. had to stop and feed them some grass :).

Smithers, BC

Shortly after it started raining. And it rained harder and harder. I was planning on camping shortly after Smithers, but I didn't feel like spending another night in the rain. So I rode on. I passed Prince George at around 11:30. I was getting tired.
I ended up at a rest stop some ways south of Prince George. It was still raining, although very lightly. I took the opportunity and pitched my tent. it was pitch black, a definite change since staying in AK. I woke up every now and then to thunderstorms coming through. In the morning I woke up and it was nice again

Next day it was onward to Logan Lake to stay with my Great Aunt.

that back tire is getting a little bald...

The Cassiar sure likes to eat tires... I picked up a pull off in Smithers, and swapped it in my great aunt's back yard.

I tell you what, it is nice having dish soap.

My stay in Logan Lake was nice, had an amazing dinner of homemade mac n cheese.
Time to head for home. Last day. I remember standing next to this rig when I was about 4 years old

The pine beetle has really devastated eastern BC. Sad. This was the last photo of the trip. Shortly after it started raining, and didn't let up until I passed the US border.

I will be uploading some videos this week. stay tuned.
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