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Met Caryn the Barbie doll from the other day down the Shop today

Went for a ride for awhile today then just headed down to the beach front was a another nice day for riding nothing to wild jsut getting to know town a little more its actually really nice around here I like it.

Went into Gateway the shopping centre to get some more internet phone creds and while was there thought id get Channing a hockey stick as he had been hassling his mum for one. Found a pretty good one, so got it for him, a hockey ball pretty cheap really.

Left the shop and as I was walking back I saw the blonde girl from the club the other night that looked like a Barbie doll, I had asked Alexa her name so said hi Caryn and stopped and had a chat to her. I joined her and we went looking for some stuff that she needed, she seems really nice and gorgeous to boot, had to ask her if she wanted to catch up again and she was happy to but im not holding my breath wouldn't be the first person that ive asked out not to hear back from, but heres hoping.

I txt Caryn to check out my website just so she knows im not a mass murderer or something, she txt straight back saying she was going to ring Alexa so thats a good start i can slip Alexa a few bucks to give me as good wrap.

Channing came home from school and we had a game of hockey out the back then a game of forcings back hitting it as hard as we could and yeah you guessed it done my back in, shit a brick, anyway tell someone that cares.

Helen came over to keep Mickey company as Alexa had to go home. Me, Mickey and Helen had a few drinks, well they did they were hitting it pretty hard I had only had a few, then Helen says we should go to the club, I sought of ummed and arred but Mickey was saying we should go so ok lets go then and off to the club we went.

Walking into a club at midnight is always tough so thought id hit a few quick ones and get stuck in as Helen was pretty pissed from drinking at home, righto 20 minutes later ive had 4 or 5 so im getting a smile on the dial already.

Helen is really nice so we had a lot of fun. Met a few of her friends down there all really nice people so all good. Stayed there for a few hours then went to her mates club next door which is the standard late night club, they are the same anywhere in the world other than its so cheap to drink over here 2 bucks a beer or something silly.

We both ended up pretty hammered, alright pretty shitfaced and got home around 3:30 had a few laughs and then crashed.

Out for drinks with Helen tonight the regulation munchies on the way home.
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