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What a day started at 10am meeting Caryn down the surf club for breakfeast, she txt and said that she will be the regualation 10 minutes late so thats all good its where ive been going down the beach for my rides and its really nice down there. Caryn turned up and we just had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich chatting away enjoying each others company.

Had a really good time, sitting on the beach front over looking the ocean. She seems like a really nice friendly person as all the people I have met here in South Africa. Was getting towards 11:30 and I had been invited to the Wings Club with the crew to watch the South African v Australian Wallaby rugby test match but was open to anything to happen today, I asked Caryn what her plans were for the day and if she was going to be watching the rugby, it's so big the rugby union over here even the girl's love it. She said a few of her friends were watching it over the road so she rang and asked them if it was ok that I came along, we left our beach front rendezvous and then she followed me in her car back up to the lodge to drop my bike off so at least I can drink.

Got back to the Cotton Club where I had been with Helen the other night and met her friends Antwon, Tizi and her husband Byron and a few of their other friends. The rugby had already started so that was good made the introductions a little less formal as everyone was yeah hi mate watching the rugby, just the way i like it.

WI was about to go to the bar, Caryn was talking to me when the Wallabies scored their first try, I sought of ditched her and was screaming at the tv ahahahah great start fobbing a chick off for the rugby is always going to get their attention, you know the better they are the more the guys pander all over them but not this little black duck and especially when I'm watching the rugby. I feel really comfortable with her and we were there to watch the rugby in the wash up, she just walked off and went back to her seat and after the replay I went back over and said sorry but oh well she was cool with it, se just didn't like it because it was her side getting scored against.

We started getting into it Caryn and Tizi into champagne me into pints of Hansa beer its pretty nice stuff. The boys were doing these shots every time someone scored so there was quite a few of them flying around so who was I to say no, this was going to be a good day, if not a little messy.

The Wallabies played really well and smashed the Springboks so I was happy you've never seen so many heads in hands when the Sprinboks made a mistake or the Aussies scored. Caryn was supposed to be going to leave at 5 as she had a date with some bloke but in the end she rang him and told him to come and meet us at the club. We were all getting smashed and Byron and Tizi left, well Tizi did with one of the other mates Byron had backdoored it at some stage.

Started to get a little messy but was all great fun me and Caryn were getting on great and having lots of laughs dont ask me what about I just know I was having fun and we were all laughing our heads off alot of the time, was great. Got to the stage where I was trying to sell Caryn to some old bloke, he offered me 10 000 rand but I haggled him down to 5 saying oh she drives me mad you will be doing me a favour just to funny, im glad she took it all in good humour then again if she didnt like my humour or me she would of been out of there at 10:30 this morning and it was now around midnight I think.

They do a tab thing here with the bar stuff and im not sure if its the wisest way to do it when your hitting the piss so hard, Peter, Caryns supposed date got a bill for 3000 Rand how the fuck did he rack up 400 bucks I know what im like, i wasnt drinking all that much by that stage well definatly me and Caryn weren't as we were already spastic by the time he got there. He did have a lot of younger rugby guys hanging around that Caryn said he knew so they were probably hammering his tab a bit id imagine.

I was buying mine at the bar after I paid and earlier tab which came to about 150 aussie bucks which is no drama as that was like all the piss, shots and champagne for about 6 people all drinking heavily and id take that much out with me in Australia for myself. Got to love the cost of grog here no wonder they all drink so much.

I cant even tell you what time it was when we left somewhere between 2:30am and 3am but I was absolutely smashed as was Caryn's and her friend Peter we all stumbled out. I stopped to jibber to some dude and Caryn and Peter had walked ahead with some other guy and were walking Caryn home just up the road, by the time I started following they were a hundred metres up the road and I thought oh stuff it im getting a taxi home, so jumped a taxi and got out of there.

We txt each other a few times between 3:30 and 4 am when we both got home so she got home safely so our day went from 10am to then, what a fantastic day spent with and absolute angel and her friends .
I could serioulsy get real comfortable here and meeting Caryn certainly isnt going to make it any easier to leave but hey im not on any time frame, everyone ive had the good fortune to come into contact with has been absolutely amazingly friendly. It was suggested on facebook to throw her in my luggage, that certainly sounds like a great idea.

Caryn on the left of the pitcture and Tizi in the stripes, what a great day.

The fishing is obviously great here in Durban caught these 2 beauties, wonder what the deal is with the catch and release policy id like to hold onto one of these to eat later.
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