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Originally Posted by G-Funk View Post
For me it was a love/hate relationship with that bike, leaning more towards the hate side. All in all it was / is designed as a big ass dirt bike. Seriously, and if you think not, just check out any Riceless vid or Neduro vid, and what they do with them.
Thanks for the honest review. I agree regards "riders". Ned is racing Dakar, is an AA enduro rider. I only made B rider ... and that was 15 years ago.

Same goes with both Crashmaster and Misery Goat ... both well 'above average' riders for sure and both have current South America Ride Reports here on ADV on their KTM's. Neither have had serious mechanicals. Very impressive for the big KTM's. If only all KTM were as reliable.

Can the Tiger 800XC match the 990/950 off road?

Dunno ... I guess it depends who's riding! I think AV Mech and Burren's reports give some insight into what the Tiger XC is capable of ...IN THE RIGHT HANDS!!! And were just getting started here!

But the fact is ... add all the farkles you like ... if you can't ride, it won't help you!

I'm not tall enough ... or good enough ... to get the most out of the big KTM. Also, can't imagine replacing all that broken plastic and dual fuel tanks after it hits a rock pile. YIKES! $$$$$$$$

I've ridden both the 950 and 990 on the highway. I've swapped out my Tiger 1050 with my KTM buddies. I like the KTM's a lot ... but I prefer my Tiger for most road riding ... and especially touring.

But on very rough, sandy, wet or whooped out and badly knarled up pavement ... the KTM is the better bike by a good margin. It can attack those conditions like a true dual sport ... or should I say "Giant Dual Sport"? It's marvelous!

Any comments on how the Tiger 800 XC performs ridden HOT on bad paved roads as described above?

My Tiger (with bad stock suspension) gets out of shape on such a road and is dangerous. But on a less beat up road it's better: Faster, (15 more HP) better brakes and wide 17" sporty tires and massive lean angles. I can keep pace on my Tiger 1050 with a better rider aboard a 990. Why? More power mostly ... and much better brakes. The Tiger's radial brakes are really good.

The Tiger 1050 is also very smooth, quiet and comfortable on a 500 mile day. The KTM is good ... but the Tiger is better, IMHO.

The 800/800XC should also be a fine long range tour bike. BTW, absolutely no wind issues on the Tiger 1050 ... and I know about wind issues having owned Vstrom's, which are scary in cross winds. Tiger is rock solid. The T800's? Dunno?
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