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finally got a working front break (thanks Hun!) - and I am good to go again...

The weekend started out with making Vegan Bavarian Potato Salad - which is an oxymoron by itself - and all I needed to do is deliver it to some camp-side in the Pisgah Nat. forest. Picked a nice route with a mix of twistiest and gravel....

Downtown Marshall

Sandy Mush

looking towards Willow Creak

top of Willow Creek

Went up 276 to the Parkway, but I didn't take any pics (didn't want the pirates I left behind to catch up with me again )

somewhere around 475B "look mom - no hands"

3 hrs later, I made it! Life is good

Dean picked the perfect camp-side

and after a few adult beverages, very interesting conversations, all of us ended up skinny-dipping at the waterfall.

If you look closely you actually see the waterfall in the background. What a great night and company!!!!

Happy Birthday Julia!!!!
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