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Holy Shit.

It's been one hell of a weekend.
Pick up this gal from New Hampshire yesterday, 72 R5 for $350.

Seized. Mostly complete, missing tach and a little engine side cover thing.
Has not been registered since 1979. I think the mileage is something like 20k.

As soon as I got home, I got an email from this guy who responded to a WTB ad I put on CL. 1976 RD400.
1 owner, hasn't been on the road since 1999 - $400. Yes please

Went and picked it up this morning. Real gem, like 14k I think.
Brakes are frozen good. He said it seized on him in 2000 and he stuck it in the barn.
A professor of political science at a local collage.
Actually told me that Jimmy Carter paid for it.
PO got a grant or something from the prez and spent it on the bike.

Anyway, bought the bike of course. Now the really hard decision
of deciding which one I want. I was pretty torn. The R5 seems so
much smaller, which is a plus for me. And I do know and love drum brakes
especially, but I really liked the guy I bought the RD from. Real nice guy.
So I decided to leave it up to my girlfriend to pick her favorite, and that's the one I'd keep.
She took one look at the R5 and quickly said, "oh, that's ugly."


I gave Mr. Bulletproof a ring and told him he owed me $400 for an R5 that's sitting in my yard..
Astute readers may recall I purchased the bike for $350.
Well, I feel it honest to ask a little for gas (we live about 2hrs. apart and drove 200 miles for the bike)
and of course, I couldn't let him pull into the lead with points,
when I'm the one who did all the leg work.

So, we're both at $400 bucks for purchase price.
A point a buck under $500 - looks like we're both tied at 100 points a piece.



15 points for a horn beep fuckers!

Bulletproof - 100 pts.
Bloodweiser - 115 pts.

Please vote if you think I should receive 10 bonus karma points
for picking up (and soon delivering) bullet's bike.
Voting will close in 1 week.

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